Welcome to The DVD Maker Website

We perform video conversion from most analogue formats including VHS or VHS Compact to DVD, DV Tape to DVD, Hi8 to DVD. We also transfer & convert from the following Digital formats Mini DVD, Mobile phones, USB Flash Drives, All Memory cards, Digital Camera's (Still & Video)

DVDMaker is founded and operated by Ramon Gokaran, who holds an honours degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Natal.
His experience and training in electronics and video systems started in 1991 when he was 15 years old.
Since completing his studies he has worked as an embedded hardware and embedded software design engineer in the many fields that include banking, law enforcement, building security, construction automation, medical products, aerospace, defence, aviation.
Each of these fields demands to knowledge and implementation of strict and exacting quality management systems. These quality management systems specify the requirements and practises to be adhered during the entire lifecycle of a product or service.
More recently Ramon has been certified in AS9100 which is a QMS for Aerospace, Aviation and Defence which is a standard adopted by companies like
Boeing, General Electric Aircraft Engines, Lockheed Martin and McDonnell Douglas to mention few.
Ramon remains currently involved in hardware and software development, in business excellence and continuity processes in the aerospace, aviation and defence industry.

It is these standards that are applied to the process flow of video conversion.
This is put into practice by investing is high speed video capture hardware (No USB converters or Video/DVD combos are used as these are low quality and often result in dropped frames).
Once captured the video is scrutinised and encoded using multimedia software that has received accolades from Forbes, Businessweek and PC Mag.
Finally the DVD's used are of highest archival quality.
All this ensures that your videos are digitised without any compromise.